Marcel Danesi: "The Interconnectedness Principle and the Semiotic Analysis of Discourse"


The circuit that this signified triggered in that conversation can be represented as follows:


Figure 2



An analysis of most conversation shows that verbal communication consists of arrays of such mini-circuits that are somehow seen as leading to an overall meaning source or purpose to a specific conversation.

Often the circuit is made up of a series of metaphorical signifieds, which are interconnected to each other in the discourse pathway. In one conversation about ideas, an interlocutor made use of the following metaphorical signifieds:


[ideas are visualizable]

Typical examples:
  1. I can’t see the point of your ideas.
  2. What is your point of view?
  3. Can you visualize what I am saying?
  4. How do you view what he just said?
  5. I glanced over that new theory.

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