Marcel Danesi: "The Interconnectedness Principle and the Semiotic Analysis of Discourse"


The circuit that his statement entails can be represented as follows:


Figure 3



Metaphorical signifieds are not the only ones found in the discourse data. Often the simple connotations of words are the triggers that set off a circuit navigation. The word cat, for instance, does not refer to a specific cat, but to the category of animals that we recognize as having the quality "catness," namely a prototypical mental picture marked by distinctive features such as [mammal], [retractile claws], [long tail], etc. This image is extended, by connotation, to encompass other kinds of referents that appear, by association or analogy, to have something in common with it. These are embedded into discourse circuits. This is why, for instance, a devotee of jazz music was referred to as a "cool cat" whose music "purrs wonderfully" in one of the conversations captured on tape.

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