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A Learned Journal of Literary Research on the World Wide Web

Une Revue internationale de recherche littéraire sur Internet

Issue Nº 22   /   Numéro 22

(Volume 9)

Cultural Intensions II
Les intensions culturelles II

The Editors Introductory Editorial 2
Abstracts / Résumés 4
Maria KERAMYDA Gender Archetypes in Greek Television Advertisements for Children 5
Göran KJELLMER Literary Conventions and the Human Body 15
Kawakib AL-MOMANI Experimental Study on the Interpretation of Gender Role Manifestation in ESL Reading Texts 29
Ibrahim TAHA Semiotics of the Literary Title: Three Categories of Self-Reference 43
La Rédaction / The Editors Sites of Significance for Semiotics /
Sites sous le signe sémiotique
The Print Edition /
La nouvelle édition imprimée

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AS/SA Nº 22 (2009.02.19)   ISSN 1204-6140 (Internet)

Editors / Rédacteurs : Peter G. Marteinson & Pascal G. Michelucci
University of Toronto

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