Erkki Pekkilä: "Connotative Meanings and Advertising Music" (3/11)


The visuals of the commercial can be described briefly as follows:

1. Two military pilots on the ground, with a jet fighter on the background, are going for a flight. They slap their palms together in a "high-five."

2. A white Wrigley's Extra Menthol chewing gum packet is flying in the air on a blue background.

3. The jet plane is taking off.

4. A girl is trying to catch a cab in New York by waving her hand. While the cab passes by, the girl, disappointed, drops her hand, first at eye level and then lower down.

5. A young man, wearing a black jumper and jacket, is standing in front of a wall mirror, his back to the camera. The man, looking at his reflection, moves his head toward the looking glass, then backs up and turns to the camera with a triumphant, self-satisfied smile on his face.

6. A stick of Wrigley Extra Peppermint chewing gum, turning around in the air on a pink background.

7. A group of young girls, their hands lifted, is running on the ocean beach, each wearing a swimming suit and an open men's shirt with long sleeves.

8. A young woman in a blazer is standing before the camera. While she turns around, it is shown that she is wearing only a swimming suit under the blazer.

9. Two men, a younger and an older one, both wearing collared skirts and ties, the younger one also suspenders, are seen in their office. The younger one is sitting on a chair and examining sales charts while the older one, apparently the boss, is standing behind him, the left arm paternally on the younger one's shoulder and patting him on the back encouragingly. The younger one is turning around and looking the older one directly in the eyes with a proud, delighted expression on his face. Both raise their hands.

10. A body builder, with an uncovered upper body, is seen on the beach, with a clenched fist. By his side a woman with long hair wearing a top and red shorts is trying to unclench the hand. Both are having fun and laughing.

11. A young man wearing sun-glasses and a sleeveless T-skirt, with a young woman with sun-glasses on the background, is seen on an ocean beach. The man is juggling three balls of different colours.

12. A Wrigley's Extra Menthol chewing gum packet is seen against a yellow background.

13. A young long-haired girl, eyes closed and with a delighted air, is putting a chewing gum stick in her mouth.

14. A young man, obviously a college student, in red sports wear, is opposite the camera in front of some college buildings. While turning around, the man is revealed to be throwing a Frisbee.

15. A young man is walking on the street. From behind, a young woman appears, laughing. She strikes him with a bunch of balloons, then staggering, him grasping and then hugging her. Both laugh.

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