Bernard Zelechow: "The Formalist Film-Maker with a Subtext"



Je,tu,il,elle. Written and directed by Chantel Akerman, with Niels Arestrup and Claire Wanthion. Co-prod. France and Belgium (Paradise Films), World Artists, 1974.

Les rendez-vous d'Anna. Written and directed by Chantel Akerman, with Jean-Pierre Cassel and Aurore Clément. Co-prod. France, Belgium, Germany (Helene Films Unité Trois; Paradise Films: Z.D.F), World Artist (1988), 1978.

Window Shopping (also know as the Wonderful 80's). Dir. Chantel Akerman. Written by Chantel Akerman and Leora Barish, with Myriam Boyer and John Berry. Co-prod. France (Ministre de la culture française) and Belgium (Communauté française de Belgique), World Artists, 1986.

Un divan a New York (A Couch in New York). Dir. Chantel Akerman. Written by: Chantel Akerman & Jean- Louis Benoît; with Juliette Binoche and William Hurt. Co-prod. France, Belgium and Germany (Union générale cinématographique); PolyGram Filmed Entertainment, 1996.


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