Marcel Danesi & Paul Perron, Analyzing Cultures


Marcel Danesi and Paul Perron, Analyzing Cultures. An Introduction and Handbook, Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 1999, xiii-413 p. (includes Activities, Biographical sketches, Glossary, Bibliography and Index).
ISBN 0253-33567-1 -- 0-253-21298-7


Marcel Danesi is Professor and Director of the Program in Semiotics, University of Toronto. Among his publications are Vico, Metaphor, and the Origin of Language (1993) and Cool: The Signs and Meanings of Adolescence (1994).


Paul Perron is Professor and Principal of University College, University of Toronto. He is the author of numerous works on narratology.

Analyzing Cultures is a comprehensive introduction to the field of cultural semiotics. It is designed for classroom use for courses in a number of disciplines, including

• introductory courses m semiotics
• courses in cultural studies
• anthropology courses on culture
• social science courses on human nature

Analyzing Cultures is also an easy-to-use reference for people who want to understand the whys and wherefores of semiotics.


Part I: Basic Notions and Views

What Is Culture?
The Field of Cultural Semiotics
The Signifying Order

Part Il: The Semiotic Study of Culture

The Body
Television and Advertising

Part III: A Practical Synthesis

Semiotic Analysis

Activities and Questions for Discussion
Biographical Sketches
Works Cited and General Bibliography


"The authors of this book are among the foremost scholars as well as educators in cultural semiotics. The purpose of their text is to make available for readers everywhere and build upon the substance of a hugely successful, widely acclaimed course of studies in semiotics and communication theory that has been open annually since 1987 to flocks of students at the University of Toronto.

"The uses of this book are greatly enhanced by a guide to activities and questions for discussion; an array of biographical sketches; a glossary of terms; and an all-embracing reading list."

Thomas A. Sebeok, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Linguistics and Semiotics and of Anthropology at Indiana University


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