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Revised July 2000

Pascal Michelucci


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This page voluntarily DOES NOT cover:
  • one-page sites
  • single essays, postprints, Web reprints of previously published material, abstracts
  • bibliographies, book descriptions, book reviews
  • course descriptions, syllabi, reading lists, programme descriptions
  • personal pages providing bio-bibliographical data


     If you use this page to build your own, please have the courtesy of providing a link to this site. This is standard practice in a community of scholars, even on the WWW. This page is called "Sites of Significance for Semiotics": please read the name and title at the top of this page and quote them correctly -- it makes a great difference for search engines.
     If you are not yet familiar with quoting from or referring to electronic documents, the Purdue University Writing Lab has provided a very practical guide,
Documenting Electronic Sources. The page provides pointers to numerous online style manuals for citing electronic sources (MLA, APA and discipline-specific).

0. Search on your own [Up to MENU]

     I have tried to be considerate and address all kinds of semiotic interests in putting this resource site together. Yet, I obviously could not include the hundreds of home pages providing course descriptions, or a great many isolated essays located hither and thither in the bulk of personal home pages. If you wish to find custom-tailored information, I highly recommend paying a visit to the Alta Vista Main Page. Alta Vista provides instant keyword search options among sixty billion word occurrences in thirty million web documents, making it the largest gathering of information on the WWW. The sheer quantity of retrieved information, however, makes Alta Vista's search engine a double-edged tool, thoroughness sometimes turning to overload or disarray. A query for "semiotics", for example, returns next to thirty thousand matches !

     To make your searches a little more accurate, you might want to sample
Alta Vista's Advanced Query. Do not hesitate to specify ALL parameters, since this does not significantly slow down searches.

     As far as isolated articles are concerned, I prefer to use the
Carl UnCover database. Carl UnCover - an institutional site with a free consultation over Telnet or HTTP - is an "online article delivery service, a table of contents database, and a keyword index to over 18,000 [mostly English-language] periodicals". Close to nine million scholarly papers can be ordered on-line, in which case they may be faxed or xeroxed and sent to you in sometimes less than an hour, all for a fee of US $ 10.00 and copy rights. A smaller number of periodicals can be sent to your desktop in image format, if you are a Windows user. A nominal fee of $ 25 per annum gives you access to fifty titles.

    A large number of dissertations, as well as other documents of scholarly relevance, can be bought online through
Contentville. The client has a choice of .pdf format and classic paper, bound or unbound.

     For bibliographies, Bill Winder from UBC has pointed out the
CL/MT Research group at the University of Essex . "It provides easy access (via the World Wide Web, or email) to over 11,000 bibliographic entries in linguistics, including the "CSLI Bibliography" and "Sussex: NLP in the 80's" bibliography, as well as a large (over 6,000 items) database created by members of the CL/MT group at Essex over the last few years."

     In all other cases, I would trust this page for good finds in and about the semiotic web.

1. Metapages [Up to MENU]

Voice of the Shuttle: Literary Theory Page (Alan Liu)
Put together at the University of California Santa Barbara, the Voice of the Shuttle has been rated one of the top 5% web sites. It provides a massive list of links to essays. Regularly updated, fully searchable by keywords (full text or page titles). Several mirrors worldwide. Addresses: general theory, periods, specific theories.
Humanum. Research Institute for the Humanities
Put together by the Chinese University of Hong Kong. An exceptional resource for philosophy and reference (with access to hundreds of dictionaries on-line). Very powerful search engine.
The University of California Irvine Critical Theory Resource
Fully searchable access to a large number of the scholarly bibliographies prepared by Special Collections bibliographer Eddie Yeghiayan, The Wellek Library Lecturer Bibliographies, The University of California Humanities Research Institute Bibliographies. Impressive even by specialists' standards.
Media Center - Musée d'Art contemporain de Montréal
Art history. Theory. Museology. Databanks.
Literary Resources on the Net (Jack Lynch)
"This page, named one of the Top 5% of the Internet by Point, is a collection of links to sites on the Internet dealing especially with English and American literature, excluding single electronic texts, and is limited to collections of information useful to academics." Addresses: periods, genres, theory, general reference.
Cyberspace, Hypertext, and Critical Theory (George P. Landow)
"This collection of interlinked materials, which by April 1998 has grown to include some 7,000 documents and images, began as an Intermedia web that supported courses taught at Brown University. [...] The web consists of student projects from my courses on Hypertext and Literary Theory and Cyberspace, Virtual Reality, and Critical Theory, but people from outside Brown have also added materials and suggestions." On the hodgey-podgey side but extensive on postmodern topics.
ÉCLAT: The "Essential" Comparative Literature and Theory Site
From the Program of Comparative Literature and Literary Theory at the University of Pennsylvania. A good site for resources at large, with special interests in comparative literature. Provides selective access to web sites of a literary or cultural bent, journals, theory sites and text archives.
Netscape Search Category: Semiotics
A decent clearly organised and concise list of pointers from a general provider.

2. Encyclopedia [Up to MENU]

The Media and Communication Studies Page (Daniel Chandler)
A thorough gathering of up-to-date and well-sorted encyclopedic resources. Addresses Textual Analysis/Analysis of Media texts, Theories of Media Influence, Theories of Active Interpretation, Gender, Ethnicity and Class, The Written and Spoken Word, The Visual Image, News Media & Advertising, TV & Radio, Film Studies, Media Education. A good source for single essays.
Communication Studies, Cultural Studies, Media Studies Infobase (Mick Underwood)
A strangely laid out primer on communication and media studies. Contains a subsection on semiotics with original content. [Capricious scripting under Explorer].
Internet Semiotics Encyclopaedia (Göran Sonesson)
An exceptional resource. "Most of the entries published here were created for an encyclopaedia of semiotics , but were only published (by Oxford University Press 1999) in a reduced and rather revised version; indeed, some of them were not published at all. I have therefore decided to make the original versions available on the net, and to supplement them with some other similar texts. Most of the entries are about visual semiotics, but some of them also concern more general concepts and other semiotic domains."
Semiotics for Beginners (Daniel Chandler)
An introductory essay with a good bibliography and glossary on semiotics. Greek Translation, U.S. Mirror, Brazilian Mirror (old).
Semiolinks (Göran Sonesson)
A carefully thought-out annotated list of links. Excellent for conference announcements.
Semiótica de la cultura (Göran Sonesson)
A partial translation of the above into Spanish.
Sémiotique de la culture (Göran Sonesson)
A partial translation of the above into French.
Semiotics (Martin Ryder)
Basics. Resources. Journals. People. Readings. Book announcements. Ryder has added more links, notably to isolated essays and articles. German Mirror.
Sémiotique de l'école de Paris (Joseph Courtés)
A short essay presenting the Paris School and downloadable files - a bibliography and a résumé.
Apuntes de Linguística y semiótica (Alfredo Elejaldre, Lima)
On the light side for linguistics, but provides a good breakdown of individual semiotic topics. 
Semiotic Links (Center for Applied Semiotics, Indiana University)
A good list of carefully selected links.

Archivo virtual de semiótica
Rich content gathered from various discussions. Interesting reading.
Critical Theory and Human Computer Interaction (Eric Brunick)
A respectable synthetic essay of general interest defining theory from a semiotic vantage point (Derrida, Winograd).
Semiotics/Boundary Math (Don Kunze)
Architecture, visual arts, math, Saussure - all twirled together in some kind of good paper defining the "boundary approach".
Semiotics according to Robert Marty
A thorough introduction with a peirceian slant. Also in French and Spanish [flighty Java scripting at the start].
This is Semiotics? (Floyd Merrell)
Somewhat of a retraction after Peirce's Semiotics NOW: A Primer, and an attempt at "present[ing] semiotics in simple terms by avoiding much academese and esoteric jargon".
Semiotics and Media (Tom Streeter)
"A hypertext essay and tutorial on using semiotic techniques to analyze advertising, media, and contemporary culture. It is still under construction".
Background Materials: Formalist and Structuralist Ideas (David Arnason)
A list of notes on critical theory that covers much of the semiotic map.
Theory courses (David Teague)
Poorly laid-out lecture notes and material, but the content is rich, informed and precise, with syntheses ranging from Freud to Shelley.

American Communication Association WWW
"This site provides information about the ACA, a collection of materials on communication law and First Amendment issues, resources for teaching and research in communication studies, and an extensive reference resource page for scholars and activists."
La République internationale des Lettres
A truly impressive array of some six hundred papers published by the paper equivalent of the site over the last three years. Its name list of sixteen hundred authors provides a microcosm of the intellectual life of France over the period, with thinkers such as Hannah Arendt, Étienne Balibar, Julia Kristeva, Platon, Gilles Lipovetsky and others being published, discussed, reviewed or quoted. Contains extensive links to literary sites.

3. Dictionary [Up to MENU]

Thousands of online dictionary and glossary. The popular Web of Online Dictionaries has been folded into the site.

Communication Theory (semiotics, codes, meaning)

A very limited presentation of a dozen key terms. Part of a larger introduction to Communication.
Communication Studies 101
An introductory slideshow presenting basic terms and notions.
Definitions of Semiotic Terms (Tom Streeter)
A short lexicon of common terms.
Glossaire de sémiotique (Pascal Vaillant)
A careful dictionary of some humdred entries.
Semiological Terms - Roland Barthes (Ron Wright)
A small glossary of a dozen key words.
Semiotic Terms (C. Joslyn)
A hypertextual dictionary of terms from semantics and control as developed by Joslyn, supplemented from the Glossary of Semiotics by Vincent Colapietro. Mirrored by Mario Ernesto de Silva e Souza (Brazil).
Words of Art: An On-line Glossary of Theory and Criticism for the Visual Arts
A hypertextual and alphabetical dictionary of terms.
Dictionnaire des arts médiatiques
Over two thousand entries covering multimedia processes, instruments, theory and criticism.
University of Alberta Cognitive Science Dictionary
A hypertextual dictionary providing definitions, correlates and some references.
Linguistics Glossary (Summer Institute of Linguistics)
"This is a glossary of terms used in the morphological, syntactic, and pragmatic analysis of text. It does not necessarily include terms specific to particular theoretical models (e.g. tagmeme). The glossary was compiled by the International Linguistics Department of the Summer Institute of Linguistics (Dallas, TX). It has been published on CD-ROM".
Lexicon of Linguistics (Utrecht University)
A very thorough hypertextual dictionary of linguistics by Jan Don, Johan Kerstens, Eddy Ruys and Joost Zwarts. Now user-expandable. Older version under Lexicon of Linguistics (Stuttgart)
Movie Terminology Glossary
"Here, you will find definitions of terms and phrases frequently used in the world of movies, film, acting, and cinemagoing".
Nonverbal Dictionary of Gestures, Signs and Body Language Cues
An original reference source for the study of kinesics. From Adam's-Apple-Jump to Zygomatic Smile.
Glossary of Poetic Terms (Robert Schubinski)
Provides a broad range of definitions with examples and pronunciation. Hyper-linked keywords & cross references for a large number of prosodic, poetic and stylistic terms.
La CLÉ. Répertoire de procédés littéraires
An all-encompassing presentation of stylistic figures and rhetorical and linguistic terminology used to describe them.
Silva Rhetoricae. The Forest of Rhetoric (Gideon Burton)
A guide to the terms of classical and renaissance rhetoric [...] both on the small scale (definitions and examples of specific terms) and on the large scale (the purposes of rhetoric, the patterns into which it has fallen historically as it has been taught and practiced for 2000+ years)".
Online Symbolism Dictionary (Allison Protas)
"This symbolism dictionary endeavors to provide some possible cultural significances of various symbols, and suggest ways in which those symbols may have been used in context. Most symbols are not code signals, like traffic lights, where red means stop and green means go, but part of a complex language in which green can mean jealousy or fertility or even both, depending on context".
Dictionnaire international des termes littéraires (ENESLIT, Jean-Marie Grassin)
A very complete critical dictionary of literary terms. Nineteen letters are under way, with several entries awaiting completion. Also offers a database of literary scholars. Exceptional quality [but left navigation bar illegible].
Glossaire du théâtre (André Bourassa)
A hypertextual and alphabetical dictionary of terms.
Glossary of Literary Theory (Greig Henderson & Christopher Brown)
Prototype version of a promising dictionary for the theory of literature.

4. Periodicals [Up to MENU]

IASS/AIS Semiotic Publications - Journals
A most comprehensive list of periodicals.
Media and Communication Studies: Journals
A selection of a a couple hundred links to online journals and online pages about periodicals.
Project Muse
Project Muse provides access to the full text of well over one hundred periodicals from ten major American publishers. It "covers the fields of literature and criticism, history, the visual and performing arts, cultural studies, education, political science, gender studies, and many others". Subscription.
Les revues culturelles
A very thorough detailed inventory of French periodicals. Searchable by topic and title.
Semiotics at Walter de Gruyter
The descriptive catalogue of publications in semiotics by Mouton. Includes Sebeok's famous series, Approaches to Semiotics, and Semiotica.
E-zine-list (John Labovitz)
The most thorough index of electronic publication - well over four thousand periodicals. Sorted by keywords and names, with full description and links. No longer maintained as of December 1999 - unfortunately.
Online Journals (NYU)
Most online full text periodicals sorted by discipline.
American Journal of Semiotics (Richard L. Lanigan)
Themes of some forty issues.
Analyses. Langages, textes et sociétés
A periodical devoted to French-speaking Africa. Tables of contents for five issues.
Applied Semiotics/Sémiotique appliquée (Peter Marteinson & Pascal Michelucci)
Bilingual peer-reviewed Toronto periodical. Nine issues online.
CECCS Technical Reports/Cadernos do CECCS
Four pre-print summaries of technical reports from a group working on semiotics and cognition.
Cahiers du CRESLEF (Pierre Masselot)
Contact information and scanty content information.
Canadian Journal of Communication
Abstracts and tables of contents for twenty-nine issues.
Champs du signe
Tables of contents for all issues.
Dialogism: An International Journal of Bakhtin Studies
Tables of contents for two issues and contacts.
Elementa. The Journal of Slavic Studies and Comparative Cultural Semiotics (Vyacheslav Ivanov)
A general information page courtesy of The Signpost.
Face. Revista de semiótica e communicaçaõ (Philadelpho Menezes)
Tables of content for six issues. One issue online [In Portuguese].
Intellectica: la revue de l'Association pour la Recherche Cognitive (John Stewart)
Contents and summaries for twenty issues.
International Journal for the Semiotics of Law/Revue internationale de sémiotique juridique (Dragan Milovanovic)
All tables of contents, with abstracts and offprint offers where available. One full issue online.
International Journal of Applied Semiotics (IJAS) (Linda Rogers, Susan Tucker, Marcel Danesi)
Editorial and subscription information. "IJAS is a refereed journal published twice a year in the spring and the fall for the special interest group in semiotics of the American Educational Research Association by Atwood Publishing "
Journal of Memetics - Evolutionary Models of Information Transmission (Bruce Edmonds)
Seven issues online.
Legal Semiotics Monographs
A list of titles in the series, with tables of content.
Lexia (Guido Ferraro)
A periodical bulletin and more. Thirteen issues and quality resources. [In Italian].
Protée (Francine Belle-Isle)
Tables of content for twenty issues [In French].
Publications of the Center for Semiotics at the University of Aarhus
Abstracts for four issues of Almen Semiotik.
Revista Chilena de Semiótica (Rafael del Villar Muñoz)
Three issues online [ Mostly Spanish].
Recherches Sémiotiques/Semiotic Inquiry (Barbara Havercroft)
Tables of contents for the last six issues. Announced in 1996 they would soon feature all issues on-line.
Revue Communication. Revue québécoise des recherches et des pratiques en communication et information
Tables of content for eighteen issues (and some summaries).
SEMA - The University of Toronto Semiotics Forum (Christopher Woodill)
Six articles available via Gopher.
Semiotica (Thomas A. Sebeok)
Thirty three tables of content between 1997 and 2000.
Semiotic Review of Books (Gary Genosko)
Alphabetical index of past issues with some available full-text papers (three latest issues), up-to-date conference information. Austrian mirror. Dutch mirror. Chinese mirror.
Sign Systems Studies (Peeter Torop, Michail Lotman, Kalevi Kull)
Tables of content for two issues. List of twenty seven issues.
Social Semiotics (David Birch)
Tables of contents for twelve issues Slow server.
Texto! (Espace virtuel de l'équipe Sémantique des textes) (François Rastier)
Periodically updated. Dialogues, debates, book-reviews, bibliographies and papers.
Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society
Tables of content for two issues. Thirty-three years of indexes.
Visio. Revue internationale de sémiotique visuelle/International Journal for Visual Semiotics (Fernande Saint-Martin, Marie Carani)
Tables of contents for twelve issues.
Zäsuren. Césures. Ruptures
One issue announced.
Zeitschrift für Semiotik (Roland Posner)
Description of twenty years of publication. Summaries for thirty issues.
Znakolog. An International Yearbook of Slavic Semiotics
Tables of contents for six issues.


American Journal of Philology
Five years of issues. Free sample issue.
Applied Cognitive Psychology
Tables of content for thirty issues.
Arachnion. A Journal of Literature and Ancient History on the Web
Four issues, to read on-line or download. Exceptional cross-platform.
Two issues on-line. "Arob@se is published twice a year as an interdisciplinary bilingual forum (English-French) for researchers in literature and human sciences wishing to promote their work through electronic publishing. The consultation of the review is entirely free of charge."
A multilingual, multicultural community/journal of arts and ideas.
Canadian Aesthetics Journal / Revue canadienne d'esthétique
Four issues online.
Cognitive Science. A Multidisciplinary Journal
Free online access to members.
Common Knowledge
A multidisciplinary journal from Oxford University Press, dedicated to undermining all foundational structures that impede agreement. Index for sixteen issues available.
Configurations. A Journal of Literature, Science, and Technology
Eleven issues on-line. Searchable. "Configurations is the only journal devoted to the study of discourse pertaining to the theories and practices of science, technology, and medicine".
Critical Inquiry
Tables of contents from September 1974 to December 1996. Excerpts from the last ten issues.
CTheory. Theory Technology Culture
A smattering of papers on things postmodern. "Articles, interviews, and key book reviews in contemporary discourse are published weekly as well as theorisations of major 'event-scenes' in the mediascape".
Strictly publishing information. An address. Disappointingly low in informational content.
Didascalia. A Journal for Philosophy and Philology from Late Antiquity to the Renaissance
Three papers on-line.
Didaskalia. Recherches sur la communication et l'apprentissage des sciences et des techniques
Tables of contents for thirteen issues.
Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy
Four issues on-line.
Formal, Computational and Cognitive Linguistics
A periodical from Russia with Chomsky, Shaumyan and Fillmore among its editors. Four issues online [mostly in Russian].
Hypermedia Joyce Studies. An Electronic Journal of Joycean Scholarship
Six papers on-line and good contacts. A promising endeavour.
Iris. A Journal of Image and Sound [Film Studies]
Tables of contents for the first twenty issues. French and English abstracts for all the articles in the last four issues (issues not dated).
Janus Head. Continental Philosophy, Literature, Phenomenological Psychology
Five issues online.
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
Four issues on-line and abstracts.
Journal of Mind and Behavior
"The Journal of Mind and Behavior is dedicated to the interdisciplinary approach within psychology and related fields - building upon the assumption of a unified science." Most abstracts between Spring 1980 and Winter 1995. Searchable.
Journal of Pragmatics
Tables of contents for twenty-six issues. Free issue upon request.
Language & Communication. An Interdisciplinary Journal
Tables of contents for eight issues. Free issue upon request.
Language Sciences
Tables of contents for seven issues. Free issue upon request.
Logos and Language. Journal of General Linguistics and Language Theory
A new periodical from Gunter Narr.
Marges linguistiques
A promising new French periodical (first issue in May 2001). Will also provide full-text dissertations in the field of the language siences.
Metaphor and Symbol
Tables of contents for fifty-one issues.
Modern Fiction Studies
Tables of contents for eight issues. One issue on-line.
Modern Language Notes
Tables of contents for sixteen issues.
Music Theory Online
Tables of contents and full papers for twenty-seven issues. Also a discussion list and an archive of dissertations (abstracts and tables of contents). Searchable.
New Comparison. A Journal of Comparative and General Literary Studies
Twenty-five issues on-line, between Summer 1986 to Spring 1998.
Part 2
Online periodical devoted to modern art.
P e r f o r a t i o n s
Perforations is a quarterly journal/media kit. Each issue develops different themes of contemporary life as they relate to technology. Thirteen issues on-line.
Poetics. Journal of Empirical Research on Literature, Media and the Arts
Tables of contents for eighteen issues. Free issue upon request.
Poetics Today
One issue on-line. Tables of contents for three issues.
Pragmatics and Cognition
Tables of contents for six issues.
PSYCHE: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Consciousness
Six issues and many book reviews on-line. Searchable.
HyperPsycoloquy. A Peer-Reviewed Interdisciplinary Electronic Journal
Six issues on-line (more at the home page - but close that </I> damn it!). Searchable through hypertext links. A technical standard for all electronic publishing.
The Qualitative Report. Qualitative Research and Critical Inquiry
Seven issues on-line.
Revista eletrónica de musicologia
Six issues online.
Eight issues on-line. Searchable.
Texte. Revue de critique et de théorie littéraire
Tables of contents for all eighteen thematic issues.

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