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Sites of Significance for Semiotics - page III
Revised July 2000

Pascal Michelucci

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9. Semiotic issues [Up to MENU]

Cyber Semiotic Institute (Paul Bouissac & Jamieson Cochrane)
A virtual campus devoted to semiotics: lectures are posted at regular intervals, in an emulation of a university course. Twelve courses are already on-line, in part or in their entirety [One in Chinese, one in Malay]. A remarkable endeavour.

Advertising rhetoric (Edward F. McQuarrie)
Three papers online.
Algebraic Semiotics (Joseph Goguen)
"Algebraic semiotics is a new approach to meaning and representation, and in particular to user interface design". Overview and related material.
Style Attack: The Semiotics of an Architecture in Transition (Osvaldo Valdes)
Papers and relevant links to the semiotics of architecture.
Autopoiesis and Enaction: Guide to Internet Resources (Randall Whitaker)
"This page provides a 'nexus' of pointers to WWW-accessible materials and resources on the subjects of autopoiesis and enactive cognitive science".
Biosemiotics (Alexei Sharov & Jesper Hoffmeyer)
A large reference site on biosemiotics.
Semiotics and Communication: A New Approach [Semiotic textology] (Paolo Teobaldelli)
A handful of papers, some book reviews and a personal page with links.
Communication & Theatre Arts (Hugh McCarney)
A collection of information on film and video art, as well as courses.
Computer-mediated Communication
[Gesellschaftliche Aspekte computervermittelter Kommunikation]. A thorough resource centre providing links to papers and journals.
Semiotics in Education
Some seventy papers, and more announced, on the subject of semiotics and education.
Evolution and Philosophy (Kent Van Cleave)
Articles, links and personal information.
Fabula. Théories de la fiction littéraire
A very complete site with forums, events, online conferences, extensive resources, and great bibliographies.
Figurative Language (Victor Kennedy)
Now a commercial piece of software. A large and thorough introduction to levels of figurativeness in language (image, metaphor, symbol, irony).
ScreenSite: Film and TV studies
The ultimate reference shelf on issues and methods of teaching and research - and a chat group. In nine languages.
Hermeneutics (MIT)
"Hermeneutics: From Textual Explication to Computer Understanding". John C. Mallery, Roger Hurwitz and Gavan Duffy on Habermas, Gadamer, Ricoeur.
The Electronic Labyrinth: Theory and Practice of Hypertext (Christopher J. Keep, Tim McLaughlin)
A thorough examination of hypertext, through hypertext. A lot on reading, textuality, and links. Mirror.
Reading Images. Approaches for Visual Literacy (Teun Velders)
A twelve chapter introduction with pictures and graphs. Informative reading.
Semiotic Analysis of Images (Ross Woodrow)
A list of resources sorted according to issues in visual analysis and literacy.
Les images démaquillées. L'encyclopédie de la communication par l'image
Six chapters from Claude Cossette out-of-print book.
Work in Progress: A James Joyce Website (R.L. Callahan)
A doubling urbahn infohighway vicus meandertaling an ever wending researculation through Joycity. Discussion groups, electronic texts, scholarly papers and multimedia resources for Joyce studies are carefully described and linked.
The James Joyce Resource Center (Edward Maloney & David Fanning)
As the viability of vicinals if invisible is invincible... This site includes a useful casebook and excellent links to isolated papers, a MOO, membership for the eight Joyce lists and more.
Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal
Some twenty-seven papers.
Histories of Meaning (Earl Jackson Jr)
A survey of the philosophical concept of meaning from Plato to Lacan, with online texts.
The Metaphor Home Page (Tony Veale)
Many papers on metaphor, both theoretical and empirical.
Metaphor from Plato to the Postmodernists (Erica Jean Seidel)
An excellent survey of the field, with easy access. Covers mostly twentieth century theories in spite of its title (Foucault, Barthes, Lakoff...).
Notes sur le motif (P. Rodriguez)
A preparatory synthesis on the concept of "motif" towards the SATOR 97 conference.
Musical Signification Project
Events - Articles - Participants - Publications - Discussions.
The Society for Music Theory
With information about the Society, newsletters, links, the proceedings of a conference on music theory (thirty-two abstracts), order forms for Music Theory Spectrum, and another on-line periodical of music theory, Music Theory Online, (fully indexed; some papers readable on-line and all issues can be downloaded)
Roland Barthes: Mythologies (Tony McNeill)
A series of lectures on Barthes' famous series.
Narrative psychology: An Internet Guide (Vincent Hevern)
"This page focuses upon narrative perspectives in psychology and allied disciplines and provides an interdisciplinary guide to bibliographical, pedagogical, and Internet resources concerned with 'the storied nature of human conduct'". 
Nonverbal Behaviour / Nonverbal Communication Links (Jaume Masip)
A specialized and very extensive list of pointers, especially to active research endeavours and researchers.
Philosophie (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières)
Some seventy essays on various subjects (Buridan's semantics, Barthes, Ricoeur, classical illocution, semantic competence...).
Guide to Philosophy on the Internet (Peter Suber)
A massive list of carefully sorted links. Links much of the material indexed in Hippias.
Phonosemantics (Margaret Magnus)
Discussion. Dissertation. Bibliography and Papers. Very informative site.
Stories and Maps: Postmodernism and Professional Communication (Johndan Johnson-Eilola)
"In this text, I sketch out some of the ways that postmodernist tendencies affect the careers and possibilities for business and technical communicators".
Academy for the Study of the Psychoanalytic Arts
"To advance the study of psychoanalytic epistemology, theory, practice, ethics, and education within a psychological framework consisting of philosophy, the arts, and the anthropic sciences as opposed to biology, medicine, and the natural sciences." History and focus, library of papers.
Rhetoric and Composition at Carnegie Mellon University
"This Web page is intended to list a variety of resources useful to rhetoricians. [... T]his page also has links to works of classical rhetoric, articles on literacy and education, and a few miscellaneous but useful things--how to suscribe to some highly-trafficked mailing lists and links to glossaries of rhetorical terms, for example."
Espace virtuel de l'équipe Sémantique des textes
A wealth of very recent material on textual and interpretive semantics. A refreshingly dynamic endeavour.
Cybertextspace (Karin Wenz)
An extensive exploration of the semiotic dimensions of space.
The Philosophy of Symbiosis (Kisho Kurokawa)
"The ambition of this book is to suggest that symbiosis is the keyword for predicting and interpreting, from these various perspectives, the new world order that will appear in the twenty-first century."
Systemics (Mick O'Donnell)
Everything webby (software, journals, contacts...) on systemic-functional linguistics. Great resource.
Refining Our Notion of What Text Really Is
Allen Renear (Brown University), Elli Mylonas (Harvard University) and David Durand (Boston University) have written a substantial essay defending the thesis that "Text is an Ordered Hierarchy of Content Objects".
A Bibliography Of Pictorial And Other Kinds Of Visual Semiotics (Göran Sonesson)
An extensive scholarly bibliography. "This bibliography has been prepared to serve the aims of researchers specialized in pictorial semiotics, which means that the bulk of the references is concerned with the study of that particular, meaningful organization which is colloquially known by the name of picture"
The Semiotics of the Web (Philippe Codognet)
"A semiotic analysis of computer-based communication, and especially human-to-human communication through an electronic medium"

10. People and Groups [Up to MENU]

Library of living philosophers (Lewis E. Hahn)
Some twenty presentations of a series published in Illinois. Several eminent contemporaries discuss the most pertinent aspects of philosophers' thought and writings. Moore, Russell, Quine, Carnap, Ayer, Ricoeur, Gadamer...
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
A dynamic encyclopedia with a peer-reviwed authoring board. Excellent resource with scholarly bibliographies for all entries.
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (James Fieser)
Excellent survey type presentation of major figures and thought in all branches of philosophy since its inception, with access to some twenty full texts in various formats. Sometimes rather extensive. Searchable.
Internet Classics Archive (Daniel C. Stevenson)
This is a searchable archive of 441 classical Greek and Roman texts (in English translation) complete with user-provided commentary, provided by the MIT. The full original electronic sources for the works are freely available online. You will find Aristotle's Poetics, On Interpretation and Rhetoric, Plato's Sophist and Ion, among many others.
Cultural Heroes of semiotics and Contemporary semioticians (Göran Sonesson)
This list provides extensive links to major figures and active scholars. Extensive, but links a lot of trivial material - also needs an update.

Augustine (J.J. O'Donnell)
One of the top 5% of all web sites. Latin and English versions of the Confessions, on-line commentaries, several essays among which a great introduction to De Doctrina christiana, pointers to other archives. A must see.
Bakhtin Centre at the University of Sheffield
Features a presentation and summary of the activity at the Bakhtin Centre. Searchable analytical database of work by and about the Bakhtin Circle.
Books and important pages.
Barthes, Roland (in Encyclopedia of Marxism)
A short presentation and a link to the online version of Elements of Semiology.
Roland Barthes (Arts and Culture Movement)
A beautiful page with links and some light reading.
George Berkeley (Tze-wan Kwan)
Berkeley's Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge. Powerful customizable search engine.
Cassirer Manuscripts at Yale (T. Michael Womack)
"The Ernst Cassirer Papers contain research notes and manuscript drafts of books, essays, and lectures as well as correspondence and personal papers which document aspects of the life and career of Ernst Cassirer, philosopher, scholar, educator, and university rector. The material spans the years 1892 to 1958, with the bulk falling between 1910 and 1945".
Umberto Eco
Mr Eco's institutional page. A curriculum vitae and bibliographies of books on and by Eco (fiction and research).
Umberto Eco's Theory of the Metaphor (Tony Veale)
One the few web pages with original content about Eco's thought.
Umberto Eco Page (Argyroneta)
 Introduction and biography. Links.
Umberto Eco. The Modern Word: Porta Ludovica (Allen Ruch)
A very complete site for those who believe Eco is part of postmodernism.
Itamar Even-Zohar's site
New papers (in English, Hebrew and Spanish), polysystem studies and biography, institutional links. US Mirror 1, US Mirror 2.
Paolo Fabbri
Events, CV, papers and e-texts [In Italian].
The Foucault Pages at CSUN (Benardo Attias)
Links to essays, summaries, quotations and bibliographies.
Sigmund Freud Museum Vienna
An illustrated chronology and presentation of biographical themes. Great multimedia library with video and sound.
Theories of the Mind Home Page [Freud] (Tom Davis)
A British collection of several essays on and links to Jung, Freud, Lacan, reception theory and indeterminacy.
Alan Harris Home Page
Three papers on-line.
Jesper Hoffmeyer
With a thorough presentation of his research interests.
Hume Archives (Jim Fieser)
"The Hume Archives is a repository of electronic texts by and about 18th Century Scottish philosopher David Hume". Searchable writings, criticism, biographies and links.
The Husserl Page (Bob Sandmeyer)
Annoncements, e-texts and extensive links.
Cliff Joslyn
"Cybernetician at large". An extensive page covering teaching, research, personal info and projects.
Kant's Critique of Pure Reason (Tze-wan Kwan)
Kemp Smith's translation of Kant's Criticism of Pure Reason. Powerful customizable search engine.
Kant's System of Perspectives (Stephen Palmquist)
A large essay on Kant's system of representation (epistemology, elements, implications).
Richard Lanigan
A page with biography, courses taught and publications.
John Locke's Essay Concerning Human Understanding (Tze-wan Kwan)
Locke's Essay Concerning Human Understanding, featuring the first appearance (1690) of "semeiotike". Powerful customizable search engine.
Winfried Nöth
A CV with a thorough list of publications.
Arisbe. The Peirce Gateway
A philosophical website and resource centre. Extensive material. "[T]he website is not devoted to Peirce but rather to the things to which Peirce was himself devoted and to whatever those who find the site attractive are themselves attracted"
Charles S. Peirce (1839-1914). Hypertext Edition of Peirce's Writings
Six minorly hypertextual essays by Peirce. A lot of material available on the Main server.
76 définitions du signe selon C.S. Peirce (Robert Marty)
A thesaurus type file of seventy-six sorted definitions of the sign from the writings of Peirce (MSs, CP, New Elements of maths, Letters to Lady Welby) followed by an analysis and internal links. Can be downloaded as an ASCII file.
Questions on C. S. Peirce (Dick Miller)
Quizz yourself on Peirce (Philosophy 333).
Walker Percy's Philosophy of Language (Henry Mills)
Percy on language, science and more.
Gerald Prince
An incomplete personal page.
A.N. Prior. Foundations of Temporal Logic
The WWW site for Prior studies. Biography. Thorough bibliography. Description of personal papers collection held at the Bodleian.
The Bertrand Russell Archives at McMaster University
Papers and information on the Archives. Also offers a discussion list, several search engines and links.
Saussure's Third Course of Lectures on General Linguistics (1910-1911)
(Notebooks I, II, III, VII, VIII, IX, X). A book description from Pergamon.
Saussure, Ferdinand de (1857-1913)
A short presentation and a link to the Third Course of Lectures on General Linguistics.
Home Page of Robert Scholes
Academic information and some recent work by Mr Scholes. Description of several projects.
Thomas A. Sebeok
Mr Sebeok's page.
Gary Shank
"Privateer of the semiotic seas".
Jean Umiker-Sebeok
Academic information and contact. Three papers.
Francisco Varela's Home Page
Résumé and publications.
Wittgenstein Archives (Bergen, Norway)
Introduction to the project for visiting scholars and twelve working papers.

11. Calls for papers [Up to MENU]

The Signpost (Gary Genosko)
Semiotic conference information provided by the Signpost. SRB Global Information Bulletin.
IASS/AIS Bulletin Online
The most extensive and up-to-date list of cenfenrences and how to participate. Smart chronological interface.
2,000 Calls for Papers
It would have been impossible to include all of the calls for papers on the web, but here's a reliable list for you to skim through - if you are patient.
Some Relevant Congresses (including proceedings and calls for papers)
Parts of Sonesson's Semiolinks. Links to upcoming events and past conference calls.
The ACL NLP/CL Universe (Columbia)
Excellent site of general linguistics, which offers a unique subscription method and allows you to add your own call for papers. Searchable.
Actualités et événements en sémiotique visuelle
A more focussed list ofupcoming events. Also with a handy reliquary of past events.
Sebeok's Century
Thursday, 28 September -1 October 2000, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, will host the 25th Annual Meeting of the Semiotic Society of America, under the theme "Sebeok's Century."
Semiotics and Society: Concepts, Models, Applications for the 21st Century
Chisinau (Moldova), 10-14 October, 2000. Info: Stela Vescu,
Congreso Internacional de Didáctica de la Traducción y la Interpretación
Medellín, 25-29 September. Info: Olga Marin, Mirror site.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Profs and ABD's are encouraged to submit texts to the reviewing committee through e-mail.
Association for Computational Linguistics
Hong Kong, 3-6 October, 2000.
ICSC - Intelligent Systems and Applications
Wollongong, 11-15 December, 2000.



12. Fun and Beyond [Up to MENU]

Au fil de mes lectures (G.G. Jobin)
Over ten thousand quotations form some three hundred authors.
Écran total (Alain Salvatore)
An inter-, peri- and hypertextual parodic fiction.
Jacques Derrida (Peter Krapp)
Dada. From the serious (exemplary Derrida bibliography) to e-mail to Freud. [Now with an annoying interface that requires repeated clicking out].
Exuberant language page for French speakers.
France's infamous magazine, with the same bad taste online as in print.
Kid A in Alphabet Land: A Trading Card Set Dealing with Jacques Lacan (Carl Steadman)
"An Abecedarian Roller Coaster Ride Through the Phallocentric Obscurantism of Jacques Lacan. Warning: Kid A In Alphabet Land, because it deals with psychoanalysis, "contains language.""
Lacan Online (Peter Krapp)
Listen to the master, gaze at the Phallus.
r/cheat'm and Fehta Murghana (Robert Cheatham)
The Helicopter project: what are you thinking? Chop, chop, chop. Dolls as holes and the post-mortem condition.
Libyrinth's Scriptorium Pages
"An index of authorpages detailing writers who have pushed the edges of their medium [Borges, Calvino, Pérec, Eco, Barthelme, Winterson...]". Uneven but some great reading.
A light but quizzical look at semiotics by Shannon Abbuhl, Mike Mattler and Kathleen O'Boyle.
Sigmund Freud Wortspiele auf der Couch
Playful associations chosen among Freud's writings [In German].
Theosophy. Blavatsky Net
Focus: hocus-pocus. Bogus?
The Palindromist. A Journal For People who Write and Read Palindromes
Six issues online. Some pearls!

13. Lists and e-mail contacts [Up to MENU]

IASS-AIS Bulletin
The IASS-AIS has a "Groups and People" service under way. Remain posted.
Electronic Addresses for Semiotics
"The following electronic [e-mail and WWW] addresses refer to semiotic related topics. All names and addresses have been taken from sources believed to be reliable".


Bakhtin News
To subscribe to the list send a message to consisting of the single line command "subscribe BAKHTIN-NEWS Your Name".
Several lists related to philosophy ans systems theory.
Peirce slow reading list.
Send a message "SUBSCRIBE PEIRCE" to the address above from your e-mail account. Moderated by Bill Spinks.
Peirce-L Forum.
Send a message "SUBSCRIBE PEIRCE" to the address above from your e-mail account. Moderated by Joe Randsell.
Semiotics e-mail list.
Send a message "SUB SEMIOTICS" to the address above from your e-mail account.
Send a message "SUBSCRIBE SEMIOS-L <your firstname lastname>" to the address above from your e-mail account. Moderately moderated by Steve Skaggs [List appears defunct].
E-mail list of the Commission on Semiotics and Communication, SCA. Send a message to Alan Harris from your regular address and provide the command "Add SEMCOM" in the body of your message.
Unofficial Bakhtin-Dialogism list
To subscribe to this list, send a message to with "subscribe Bakhtin-Dialogism" in the body.
International Research Group on the Semiotics of Reasoning. Emphasis on abduction.
Sixth congress of the IASS/AIS.
International Journal for the Semiotics of Law. Adjoining bulletin.
Gloria Wiltham. Newsletter of the IASS/AIS.
Richard Lanigan, editor of the American Journal of Semiotics (TAJS), Assistant Treasurer of the IASS/AIS.
Linda Rogers, executive Director of the Semiotic Society of America.
Frank Macke, Chair of the Commission on Semiotics and Communication.
Elliot Gaines, Editor of the Bulletin for the Commission on Semiotics, Speech Communication Association.
Irmengard Rauch, Chair of the Semiotic Circle of California.
Ramesh, Semiotic Circle of the Central Institute of Indian Languages in Madras.


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