Final ‘S’ Drills: Plurals and Third-Person Verbs             





Voiced S          [-z]                                          Unvoiced S     [-s]


>   One coffee. Two coffees.                            >   A drink. A few drinks.

>   A dog. Three dogs.                                     >   A dock. Three docks.

>   A banana. Some bananas.                           >   A cake. Some cakes.

>   One bowl of rice. Two bowls.                     >   One cup of rice. Two cups.

>   A tea please. Two teas please.                     >   A coke please. Two cokes please.

>   A pen. Two pens.                                        >   A sheet. Two sheets.

>   One course. Two courses.                           >   One minute. Two minutes.

>   One taxi. Five taxis.                                     >   One bike. Five bikes.

>   One day. A hundred days.                           >   One month. Three months.

>   A pair. Two pairs.                                       >   A shirt. Two shirts.

>   A couple. Three couples.                             >   A set. Three sets.

>   A room with a view. Two rooms.                 >   A suite with a view. Two suites.

>   One page. Two pages.                                 >   A paragraph. Two paragraphs.

>   A movie. Many movies.                               >   A movie clip. Many clips.

>   One thing. Many things.                                >   One box. Some boxes.






Voiced S          [-z]                                          Unvoiced S     [-s]


>   I love her. She loves me.                             >   I make pie. He makes cake.

>   You call him. He calls you.                          >   I talk to you. She talks to you.

>   We buy paper. She buys plastic.                 >   I think not. She thinks not.

>   You believe. He believes too.                      >   We drink beer. He drinks wine.

>   I have the papers. She has the folders.         >   I like books. She likes movies.

>   You find nothing. She finds everything.         >   I eat Chinese food. Ann eats Italian.

>   We go quickly. He goes slowly.                  >   I walk fast. She walks faster.

>   You bring food. She brings drinks.              >   I take a taxi. He takes the bus.

>   You order dinner. He orders dessert.          >   I want nothing. She wants a drink.

>   I fill my car. David fills his.                           >   They always fight. Mike never fights.

>   I phone my wife. She phones her dad.         >   I wake up at 9. Celia wakes at 8.

>   I return at 7. She returns at 10.                    >   We want dinner. He wants to go home.

>   I use cash. He uses his credit card.              >   We like eating sushi. Maggie likes eating sashimi.

>   I follow you. She follows me.                      >   You sit on the sofa. The dog sits on the floor.

>   You drive fast. She drives slowly.                >   I cut the carrots. She cuts the onions.

© 2011, Dr Peter Marteinson