Drills: Practice Phrases in Common Use             





>   It's nice to meet you.                                    >   Hello? This is George calling.

>   Can I help you?                                           >   May I please speak to Maria?

>   Can I get a small coffee, please?                  >   Sorry, Maria has just stepped out.

>   Would you like anything else?                      >   She's not here right now.

>   I'd like a muffin too.                                     >   Okay, I'll call back later.

>   What are you doing?                                   >   Thanks anyways. Good bye.

>   How are you doing?                                    >   Just a minute, she just came back.

>   What are you up to?                                    >   Where should we meet?

>   Nothing much. Just relaxing.                         >   Let's meet at the coffee shop.

>   I was just watching TV.                               >   Okay, see you there.

>   We should go see a movie.                          >   I might be five minutes late.

>   That would be great.                                    >   That's okay, no problem.

>   Okay, I'd like that very much.                      >   It's good to see you again.

>   That was pretty good.                                  >   You too, I really missed you.


© 2011, Dr Peter Marteinson