Drill: Tongue-Twisting Practice Sentences             





>   I think that this is the thing they were thinking.

>   I'd like three of these, and a few of those. But what is this?

>   Ron reminded Richard they would likely meet later in the lobby.

>   Jen and Jane said they may be late again.

>   Jess buys books from shops and reads dozens of pages in three hours.

>   Adam's father ate all the hot dogs they had bought.

>   Sid said three seeds would grow big figs in mid-field.

>   To record pure sound you need a powerful noise filter.

>   Busy bees sometimes fly in on the breeze in summertime.

>   Without good rules we would worry sports were unfair.

>   Could you shoot an arrow through a keyhole and not touch wood?

>   He says he thinks she wants kittens as Christmas gifts.

>   A car rally is really boring if all the drivers go very slowly.


© 2011, Dr Peter Marteinson