Applied Semiotics / Sémiotique appliquée

Why Publish on the World Wide Web?

   Publication on the World Wide Web is fast, cheap, versatile and expansible. It provides a virtually infinite number of issues.

   Articles are made available world-wide, for no fee. Exposure is greater.

   Articles can be accessed at all times, stored on personal computers, printed, excerpted, or e-mailed to colleagues.

   Articles can be referred to by address from any other point on the Internet personal Home pages, research groups, institutional pages, chat groups...

   Instant feed-back to the authors is available through e-mail (if authors accept to have their e-mail posted at the bottom of their work)

   Each article provides a forum where comments, questions and answers can be posted.

   Articles are fully indexed (word, author, title, concept...) by standard Internet access research tools. Specific articles on a subject can be found by anyone interested in the field, as in a library database.

   Internet publication provides the same physical consultation facilities as a book, as well as automatic encyclopedic cross-referencing and search options. Foot-notes can provide hypertextual links.
   Articles can be cross-referenced.

   Periodical, articles and pages can be bookmarked for instant access by most standard Web browsers.

Applied Semiotics/Sémiotique appliquée

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Created December 18th, 1995. Updated March 13, 1996.