Dr. Peter G. Marteinson

B.A., M.A, Ph.D. (University of Toronto)

Semiotics of the Comic

The following document is the original French edition of Explanation and Interpretation of 18th Century French Comedy: For a Semiotics of the Comic (co-directors Profs David Trott and Paul Perron). Please send any comments, suggestions or queries to the e-mail address above. I have included a table of illustrations, downloadable in GIF or PDF format, as some software does not display the illustrations within the document perfectly.

Sémiotique du comique [333 pages, PDF, 1040 kb, Ver 3.3, 22/3/2001] Semiotics of the Comic [English Edition] [103 page PDF, 838 kb, Ver 2.5, 20/6/2005]
    Abstract (in English)
    Table of Illustrations (GIFs, PDFs)
Work in Progress: On laughter [57 pp, pdf, 207k, 16000 words, ver. 1.9, 11/5/2002]

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