P. Marteinson

M.A, Ph.D. (University of Toronto 1998)
                    (ENS : Paris - Ulm)

B.A., French Language, Literature & Translation,
                    (University of Toronto 1994)
Bachelor of Education
                    (University of Ottawa, 2011)

marteinson@gmail.com or peter.marteinson@utoronto.ca

Peter Marteinson (Ph.D., University of Toronto) has expertise in translation, education, philosophy and literary theory, particularly in the aesthetics of comedy. He has published articles in the fields of semiotics, theatre, Beaumarchais, Marivaux, as well as articles and papers on Technology and Education. He is Co-Editor with Pascal Michelucci of the international literary journal, Applied Semiotics / Sémiotique appliquée, and is a former exchange student at France's Ecole normale supérieure. He has recently (December 2006) completed a book on the philosophy of laughter, On the Problem of the Comic, with a refereed publisher, Legas Press of Ottawa. He is currently writing two books, one on the subject of "Understanding Comedy" and the other, with Prof. Paul Perron, is a book-length study of literary semiotics focussing on Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.

Curriculum Vitae
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Ph.D. Thesis on Comedy (1997 original, in French)
English Phonetics
French Phonetics
Ph.D. Thesis (2002, English Translation)
Family Tree (in Icelandic, c.700 A.D.-present)

In memoriam J.K. Marteinson (1938-2006)