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Stylistic Guide

Original, unpublished manuscripts in English or French will be considered. Please include an abstract of approximately 100-200 words. Any common application software may be used as the word-processor; the preferred formats are WordPerfect 11 or 12, RTF, or Microsoft Word (for English texts), and Word (Macintosh) for French papers. Texts will not normally exceed 20 double-spaced pages in length, using a 12-point font.

We ask that citations be indexed, and notes, whether bibliographic or discursive, should appear as endnotes. References should be integrated into the body of the text, not into footnotes or endnotes, and must include the year of publication and the cited author's name. Bibliographies should follow the body of text and conform to current standards of the MLA Handbook, although the standards of the American Psychological Association are acceptable as well. Please ensure you also include a 100-200 word abstract. It is understood that for any article submitted, AS/SA is given the right to reproduce the article for the purposes of the journal both in the print edition and in digital form online.

AS/SA is able to accommodate graphics, digital audio/video tracks and photographs, provided that international copyright law is respected. Where graphics are not supplied in PostScript (PDF), JPEG, JPG or GIF format, a hard (paper) copy of the entire article is required.

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Updated 8 July 2007