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Introduction to French Studies -- Pascal Michelucci -- FRE 180Y

  What is a composition ?

  You will have to write four 400-word essays in FRE 180Y. It is recommended to not exceed the 400-word mark, since all grammar mistakes are taken into account and that it is likely that you will make more mistakes in a longer essay. Conversely, you are not allowed to write less than 360 words or your work will be penalized (-10% for every 30 words below the 360 word mark (i.e. 330 words = -10% ; 300 words = -20% and so on). This is why you are requested to tally up your words and write the corresponding number in the margin (100, 200, 300, 350, 400).
  Those compositions will be worth 50% of your term mark, i.e. 33 % of your final mark for the whole course.
  For each assignment, several topics will be submitted to you. You are allowed to choose freely from the list corresponding to each assignment, but not to mix topics.



  Marking (what I will look for in your essays) :

  1. Physical aspect :

    * Essays should be either typed (double spaced), or written in very legible handwriting. In either case, proper place should be left for comments (wide margins, especially on the right hand side of the sheet, many skipped lines).

  2. Content and form :
    * See : « Conseils pour la composition ».

  3. Notes and bibliography :

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